The gallery

The Art Gallery is located in the historic center of Pezenas in South of France.

The former « Hôtel de Montbrun », also known as « de Barres », now houses the Gallery « Les Couleurs de l’éternité » which offers a selection of contemporary art and chinese archeological pieces for sell.

But, what is the connection between works of living painters and terra cotta objects unearthed from chinese tumbs ? Come see us to find out !

The aim of the Gallery is to :

  • recognize and promote the works of painters in whom we believe by making their work accessible to the public on the one hand,
  • share our passion of chinese history and culture by participating in the trade of unique and certified authentic objects at reasonable prices, on the other hand…

Visiting us

Gallery opening hours, season 2016

  • Weekend Easter and May 1 to September 30 :

Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 12pm and from 14h to 18h

  • Sunday, Monday and other periods :

On appointment

Our address :

Les Couleurs de l'éternité
32, cours Jean-Jaurès / 11, rue Émile Zola
34120 Pézenas

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